DirectX 11 Sample

Platform: Windows, Xbox 360
Language(s): C++/DirectX 11

This project was my first attempt at DirectX programming and as such I developed a 3D application using C++ and Direct3D 11, presented as a dynamic interactive demo. The project exhibits a number of features which include; mesh loading & rendering, lighting, texturing and a first person camera. Further to this the project implements DirectSound and HLSL shader support for specular, bump and alpha mapping.

The application allows the player to navigate the scene by moving the camera using keyboard and mouse input. When moving the camera a series of footsteps can be heard to help give the impression that the user is walking. As well as ambient background noises. The player may enter the building and view a number of props which have been placed around its interior. These props include wooden benches, a central marble table and a hanging cauldron. Each of which make use of either bump or specular mapping. Alpha mapping is used on foliage found on the buildings interior and exterior window frames and roof beams.

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