Honey Rush

Platform: PlayStation 4
Language(s): C++/OpenGL
Team Size: 21

Honey Rush was developed for the PlayStation 4 as part of the PlayStation First academic programme, Honey Rush is an asymmetric multiplayer title for up to four players. Honey Rush allows the user to play as either a honey bear or in a team as a bee. As a bear the player must flee from the team of bee's whilst also collecting honey. Whereas each of the bee's must work together to prevent the bear from collecting honey and reaching the end of the level. Both the bear and the bee's have the ability to dash, as well as a unique ability. The bears unique ability allows them to throw water bombs at the closet bee, whereas the bee has the ability to fire a glue bomb at the bear, slowing their escape.

Honey Rush was developed by a team of 21 developers in various fields. The game was developed using Sony's proprietary C++ game engine, PhyreEngine. I was one of five engineers working on Honey Rush, as such I was responsible for developing the core functionality of the game. As well as the integration of key development tools, ensuring the game runs on its intended hardware. As well as working alongside technical artists and animators to implement gameplay animations.